• Hardwood Flooring

  • About Hardwood Floors

    Whether you are building a brand-new home or renovating an old one, there are plenty of reasons to replace that old worn out carpet with beautiful new hardwood floors. Hardwood floors bring a beauty, elegance and style that even the best carpet cannot match, and they can even increase the resale value of your home down the line.

    Hardwood floors are also easier to clear, longer lasting and more stylish, giving homeowners even more reasons to make the switch. If you have decided that hardwood flooring is right for your home, your next decision is what kind of flooring to choose. Not all hardwood floors are the same. and you will need to consider a number of factors when choosing the right option for your home and your family.

    What is Your Lifestyle?
    One of the most important considerations is your lifestyle and the nature of your family. If your kids are older and you have no pets, durability may not be as big an issue. If you have kids and pets running around, you may want to avoid soft woods like pine --- they can scratch easily and become pitted over time.

    For heavy use, a true hard wood is probably the best choice. Oak is always a wonderful choice for a heavily used hardwood floor --- it is a bit more expensive and more complicated to install, but it should last a decade or more under even the heaviest use.

    What About Your Budget?
    Your budget will obviously play a role in your consideration. Few homeowners are blessed with an unlimited budget, so you will need to weigh your costs and benefits

    Softer woods like pine tend to be less expensive and easier to install, but they are also less durable. If you plan to stay in your home a long time, it may be more cost-effective to go with a more expensive flooring option, like oak. The up-front cost will be higher, but the floor-should last longer and be easier to care for.

    Environmental Sustainability If environmental sustainability is an issue for you, bamboo is always a great choice. Bamboo is a bit pricey, but it is also environmentally friendly and quite durable if cared for properly.

    You will need to refinish your bamboo floor from time to time, but with the right care, it should stay looking beautiful for many years. Bamboo is also a popular choice for hardwood flooring, and a favorite with modern home buyers. If you plan to sell your home down the line, a bamboo floor could be a real selling point.

    You have many options when choosing hardwood floors for-your home, and you will need to consider many different factors. From how your family uses the home to how much you have to spend, these considerations will help you determine the right flooring options for you.


  • Quality Hardwood Demands Quality Installation

    Installing a hardwood floor, whether in a single room or a whole house, is not a small job, and getting it wrong can destroy the integrity of the new surface before you even get started. Even a small imperfection in the laying of the hardwood floor could create problems later on --- problems that will be expensive and time-consuming to pick. Head on to xpressfloorsplus.com and talk to a certified installer.