• Hardwood Refinishing & Repairs

  • Hardwood Refinishing

    Whether you are looking to replace old floors, refinish them or repair the hardwood, our flooring company may be the solution. Our experts specialize in varied kinds of wood floor projects such as wood repairs and other home renovations to make sure your hardwood floors come back to life.

    We are the best choice for home owners and contractors who want to transform old floor into new. We work on damaged or worn floors using leading edge technology to ensure that no dust (optional) is generated in your home as we work. Dustless refinishing keeps the work environment clean and healthy. You'll also be able to return to your home or place of business in hours; you don't have to wait for days for the dust to clear.

    Our flooring company will sand the floors to remove stains in high traffic areas and rehabilitate wood that has been damaged by water over the years. We provide various options to keep the hard wood floor free of marks or splinter including:

    • Hardwood sanding and finishing

    • Dustless floor sanding options available

    • Staining and restaining

    • Color matching of floors

  • Hardwood Repair

    Our qualified experts can repair your damaged hardwood. We can fix wood, gaps in planks and buckling to make your home charming again. In addition to major problems, we also fix scratching on planks on hardwood flooring. We repair minor scratching with touch up kits. However, if the scratching is serious, we use specialized equipment to refinish the floor.

  • Hardwood Removal

    No project is too small or big for us; our experts work with the latest equipment to achieve flawless results. Our specialized equipment cuts the time spent removing the old floor and preparations by half. After we are done, we safely discard the debris and clean the site. If you want to remove and dispose existing floors, we can offer a consultation and provide references and cost estimates upon request.

    Hardwood floors are common in many homes because they are attractive and durable. Since they are quite expensive, it's important to regularly maintain them. Minor damages can accumulate and take away from the look. That's why you should contact us to refinish the hardwood flooring and give them a new lease of life.